House & Lot Options: What is single detached, single attached, and a row house?

Buying a ‘house and lot’ is an exciting time for every Filipino family. With the bullish state of real estate market in the Philippines, it is no surprise that more and more Filipinos are buying their own homes. However, the decision on what type of home to buy can be challenging.

To help you fully understand which dwelling type is for you, we discuss in this blog post three of the common house-and-lot options offered in the Philippine real estate market.  Read on to find out which fit the family’s budget, preferences, and lifestyle.


Single Detached

Single detached means that the house is detached from any side of the lot. It has no common walls and is built on its own parcel of land. It means that there is an open space on the sides plus the front and back, and your house is in the middle of the lot.

Best for: Growing and large families


  • Larger yard areas. Single detached homes typically offer larger front and backyard areas.
  • No shared walls or floors. You don’t have to worry about your upstairs or downstairs neighbors stomping around or playing loud music at all hours.
  • Privacy. Because you own everything in your lot, you can have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a single detached home.
  • Room for Stuff. In many cases, you can have a garage space, attic space, basement space, and more floor area in a single detached home than an attached-unit home.
  • Room to Grow. Single detached homes give you an opportunity for expansion and / or renovation.


  • More expensive. Single detached homes typically are more expensive compared to single attached or row house of similar floor area.
  • Higher maintenance cost. Larger areas often mean higher maintenance cost.


Single Attached

For this type of house and lot, one side of your house is attached or built directly at the side (boundary) of your lot. There would be a big space on one side. Usually space at the back and front exist too.


Row House

Also known as a townhome or a row house, this is a style of housing where similar homes are in a row and share a common wall. These are clustered houses, usually with 4, 6, 8, or 10 units. Each unit typically have the same floor area, with the end units enjoying larger lot areas.

Best for: Starter families, retirees


  • A row house can provide the comfort of a house and lot plus the convenience of condo living.
  • It offers just the right size of living space per household member.
  • It is less expensive than a house and lot.


  • Unlike single detached units, owning a townhouse will limit you to make expansions and/or renovations that may threaten the uniformity and integrity of the housing complex’s building structure.
  • Less interior and exterior space.
  • Proximity to neighbors and shared walls. Noises such as barking dogs, crying babies, or loud music can be more of a nuisance.


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