Small Space Hacks: Ideas for Room Dividers

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Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash


One of the main challenges of living in a studio unit is the combined living and sleeping areas. The bedroom and living room are one and the same. The idea is to create ‘divisions’ to separate the space — or at least the illusion of one. You would want to have a visual dividers that don’t block sunlight or make your already tiny unit feel more boxy or claustrophobic.

Here are 10 smart ideas to inspire small-space dwellers:

1. Folding screens as divider

Folding screens take up little visual weight, and those with casters are easy to move around. Choose materials that do not obscure natural light.

room dividers

2. Contrasting colors

Use contrasting colors to signal the end of one room and the beginning of another, visually separating sections of your home.

small room dividers


3. Garment racks

Garment racks can also used as a room divider. But if you don’t like the look of an exposed wardrobe, you can still make use of a clothing rack as a lush divider between sections of your home. Hang some plants and vines instead.

small room divider


4. Fabric

Curtains can also easily split a room in half. Use sheer and light materials to make the room airy and bright.

small room divider

5. Narrow wall

Sometimes, all you need is a narrow wall. Use glass or mirrors to keep the space light and feeling open.

small room divider

6. Pony wall

A pony wall or short wall can also keep spaces more open while providing enough of a barrier. You can make it multi-functional by using it as a shelf for extra storage or as a breakfast nook.

small room divider

7. Airy shelves

You can also use some airy shelves that double as extra storage space to divide your room.

small room divider

8. Headboard

Your headboard can also function as a half wall, creating the division that you need.

small room divider


9. Area rug

A large area rug helps visually separate areas of the room.

small room divider


10. Elevated bed

Instead of visually closing things off, playing with different levels within a room can create a feel of division. Elevate the bed and use the area underneath as storage.

small room divider