5 Places to Add Backlighting in Your Home

Backlighting is one of the popular home interior designs nowadays. People were kind of fascinated with the backlight accent that adds an element of mystique and drama of a room or a decor.

However, not every area of your home needs backlighting as every other. Although its function is purely aesthetic, backlighting offers an amazing mood-boosting advantage than other lighting techniques. It helps to brighten up dark corners, highlight an object and illuminate home spaces. 

So, let’s take a look at 5 places to introduce backlighting within your own home without having to spend a ton of time and money. 

Places for Backlight Accents in Your Home

Bedroom Ceiling

Your bedroom is the perfect place to introduce backlighting because it’s less intense, and gives you a perfect zone-out vibe. It eliminates the need for ceiling lighting which can shine directly into the eyes when lying down and wanting to relax. It also gives you a decorative influence and eye-catching feature into your bedroom. Looks cool right? 

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Around the TV

Places for Backlight Accents in Your Home

You can highlight your television area by adding a LED backlight behind the wall panels to fill it with an illuminating glow. It somehow draws the eye and creates a beautiful focal point to your room. In this way, your eyes won’t hurt when the lights come back on after the movie. 

Home Office and Gaming Room desk

Places for Backlight Accents in Your Home
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This too is becoming more and more popular. Backlighting your gaming room is also a great idea to reduce excess light in a room and wash out the sharpness of your computer screen. As said above, watching a screen in a dark room can strain your eyes. Backlighting helps reduce eye strain since you move from bright to dark gradually. 

Bathroom mirror highlights

5 Places for Backlight Accents in Your Home
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Here’s a trick to make your bathroom look more dramatic. Backlighting your bathroom mirror adds to the stylish look of the space. It casts an illuminating glow throughout your bathroom making it look glamorous and elegant.  



Aside from its aesthetic purpose, adding a LED strip backlight in your stairway creates a guide when you walk upward. Such lighting ensures a well-lit passage especially during night or blackouts. You can also add it on dark areas, where you don’t want to switch on bright lights throughout the day. 

Home cabinets

Backlighting your cabinet interiors can actually lighten up its contents when the door opens.  Just a tip, mount a light under the individual shelves as it gives you an illumination. You can also use a softer light in your cabinets to make it much easier on the eyes. This works really well on cabinets with doors. 

That’s it! You see how backlighting plays an important role in enhancing the mood of a home. It affects the ambience and mood of a space. Aside from it’s aesthetic glows, backlighting subtly gives us an illuminating home interior without flooding too much brightness which is perfect for zoning out. 

Have you tried backlighting too? Or do you have other ideas how backlighting can be integrated within a home? Let us know so we can feature it.