How to Become a Real Estate Broker in the Philippines [2021]

A Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Professional

Before the passing of the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines, real estate brokers were under the supervision of DTI. Interested individuals will have to attend a 120-hour real estate seminar and take the Real Estate Brokers Exam. If they pass, they can then perform real estate broker’s tasks. However, after the passing of the RES Act of the Philippines (RESA), interested individuals who wish to be a real estate broker now needs to finish a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management before taking the used to be just Brokers Exam, now the Board Exam for Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers, and Real Estate Consultants.

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Here’s the qualification of applicants for examination for real estate brokers/appraisers [Section 14];

  1. a Citizen of the Philippines
  2. a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  3. a person with Good Moral Character and must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude.

Requirements for application for examination for Brokers & Appraisers:

  1. Birth Certificate (Request online here)
  2. Marriage Contract (for married, Request here)
  3. Valide NBI Clearance ( Apply here )
  4. Transcript of records with scanned pictures and remarks “for board examination purposes” (You request it from your school) [Interested to take the pure Online Executive Program for BSREM by Lyceum of Alabang click here]
  5. Exam Application Fee: Php 900.00. PRC has two payment methods; (1.) over-the-counter at the PRC cashier office and UCPB, and (2.) online via Landbank, BancNet, and GCash. Some online payment channels may charge convenience fees.

How to Apply for the Board Exam?

  1. Register Online to book an appointment. Register an online account in the official portal of PRC, the Licensure Examination & Registration Information System (LERIS).
  2. Complete the Profile page. Fill out the sections with your personal information, contact details, family background, education, and employment. Provide a valid ID and upload your photo.
  3. Click Transaction found at the right-hand side of the screen. Select the Examination tab. Select the name of the examination you’ll be taking (Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Appraiser), along with the type, date, and place of examination you prefer.
  4. Click the Proceed button at the bottom of the tab.
  5. Schedule an appointment with PRC. On the drop-down list, you can choose among the agency’s regional offices and service centers in different malls. Once you have selected your option, you will receive a notification about your appointment date and time. This is system-generated, so if you’re not available at the indicated schedule, choose a new one and write your reason for rescheduling.
  6. Pay for the application fee. You can do this either over-the-counter or online (as discussed above).
  7. Print your accomplished application form for the real estate licensure exam. Write your signature on the form. You will find the Existing Transaction tab on the left side of your profile after the payment is confirmed.
  8. Go to your scheduled appointment. Bring the form with your signature, along with other required documents.

The Next step would be to prepare, take and pass the board exam. Once confirmed pass, an oath-taking schedule will be announced. You will log in again to LERIS for the oath-taking request. You will then be required to process your ID at PRC. We’ll create another post for the step-by-step procedure on completing other requirements for PRC ID.

I hope the steps can help you make that decision to take the journey of becoming a Real Estate Broker here in the Philippines. If you are not willing to take that process but wanted to be part of the real estate industry, the easiest way would be to become a PRC Accredited Real Estate Salesperson. To learn more about it, click here.

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