Is Condo Living For You? Pros vs. Cons of Condo Living

You feel like you’ve already made your decision but you are still bothered whether or not to take the leap of faith and purchase your first property, and if condo living is right for you. Worry no more, here are short, direct and precise pros and cons of condo living to help you decide, and make you stick to your decision



Condominiums are good choices for professionals who are looking for convenience and the near proximity of their home to their workplace, shopping centers, and business districts. It is not only ideal for professionals but for families as well who prefers to live in the city to have access to school, hospitals, and offices. Since these types of developments are found in commercial districts – these are ideal for people who want the convenience of city lifestyle in their lives.

Proximity to workplaces

The proximity to workplaces the biggest reason why people are preferring condo living and in the leading rise of condominium developments. Cutting the struggle of a daily commute in heavy traffic balance the work-life balance of professionals or working parents who want to spend time with their families rather than waste it during a commute.

Over upkeep covered

Unlike having your own property and looking after it, condominiums cover the upkeep and cleanliness of the community. You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the building because that is already covered for you. You can easily invite family over to enjoy the amenities that are always clean, updated, and well-maintained.


Admin fee

Large shared areas, amazing amenities, and security can be expensive to keep up. Monthly maintenance or admin fees are collected for every property owner to keep the condominium community well in order.

Limited privacy

Amenities and some shared areas need to be shared by every property owner. Since each unit is just a part of the entire building, and the large density of property owners versus the limited shared areas may lead to unwanted mingling with strangers.

Smaller floor areas

Since the property is limited to how large the floor area is of the building, each property may be small, and limited in space. There are different rooms,  and unit layout for prospective buyers to look into before buying to get a picture of how their living space would look and feel but if convenience supersedes living space – it won’t be a problem.

Whatever your reason for buying a condominium may be, these short but precise pros and cons of condo living is a helpful rundown before fully deciding on whether to take your leap of purchasing one.