Retire and Build a Home at Dipolog City

Retire and Build a Home at Dipolog City

Dipolog City is a place of rich culture, tradition, and beliefs that is truly Filipino in nature. Known as the Orchid City, it is place where nature’s beauty is abundant. It is a city with diverse flora and fauna, pristine long stretch of serene beaches,  breathtaking sunsets, and mountain trails. The city has promising future developments that makes the city ideal a place to retire or build a home at.

Dipolog City is geographically located along the coastline with powdery sand beaches, family-friendly parks and magnificent landmarks. Dipolognons are known for being friendly, warm, accommodating, and hospitable making it a warm place to visit in the Southern Philippines.

Though the city comes short in comparison to the Metro cities, Dipolog City is a bustling city by day, a tranquil place by night. With some developments, and additions of modernity, Dipolog has charmingly maintained its retro ambience, and has high regard to its historical importance. Hailed as one of the cleanest city all over Mindanao, this green urbanized city is more than just a propaganda. In spite of urban developments, tall trees and beautiful flowers still grow around even near and around the city proper.

The cost of living in Dipolog is surprisingly low compared to other cities in the Philippines. Basic needs such as food, medicines and other commodities are sold in reasonable rates. You will also find good hotels, budget accommodations,  tasty food and restaurants, and the like are manned by competent and hospitable crews. When shopping or dining in Dipolog, good customer service can be expected.

Regarding safety and security, Dipolog City is a contrast to the negative image of Mindanao. It has low reported crimes, and it is a community where people know each other.  If you’re considering of moving and building a home or retire at Diplog City, you might like to know that everything as accessible within the city. Service utilities such as the public market, bus station, stores, and other government and non-government facilities are just a stone-throw away from establishments to establishments. You will also find outdoor activities, or tourists destinations that you can enjoy and experience.

Why not retire, and build your home at Dipolog City and make your next visit, a visit to your future home.