Top Travel Destinations in Dipolog City

Dipolog City's Top Tourist Destinations

Dipolog City is known for its wild orchids and its sardine industry which stems from the rich fishing area off its shores. It is known as the “Gateway to Western Mindanao” through the Western Nautical Highway and has also been called the “Bottled Sardines Capital of the Philippines.” Besides what it is known for, Dipolog City is also one of the top travel destinations in the South of the archipelago.  Here is a list of tourists destinations you should not miss when you travel and visit Dipolog City.



The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary at Dipolog City is one of the few churches that is historically important not for its structure but for who designed it. Erected sometime in 1895 by Spanish friars, the cathedral still has its hand carved ceilings intact up to this day, and an altar designed by the national hero, Jose Rizal. The front facade may have been given a face lift but the church is a reminder that modern, and can be mixed with the old.



Standing in front of the City Hall, the three prominent figures of seemingly men of different stature, and professions in life stands in the busy city street corner. Meet the first municipal mayor of Dipolog, first Filipino Diocesan Priest in Mindanao, and the farmer who introduce a rice planting system that paved the agricultural system of the country today that is now immortalized in this three prominent figures.



An abstract, and classical design that now interprets Dipolog City today is the statue that represents the Tri-people of Mindanao — Muslims, Christians, and Subanen. It stands at a rotonda where the busy pedestrians and motorists passed by it everyday. It was said that the people of Dipolog, like this city is diverse yet united in it’s vision, and goals. It seeks peace, progress, and just, and human society for it’s local citizens. The figure stands 4.50 meters in height and is not made of bronze or brass as you may think it is at first sight. It is however, made of resin that is both durable, and light, and would cost less than any bronze or brass would.

Dipolog Broken Dreams3


The oldest landmark of Dipolog, and of Christianity, the Sta. Cruz Marker stands in one of the oldest streets in Dipolog City. To this day from the time it was erected, the cross plays a significant role in the lives of local folks. Etched on the extended base was En 3 de Mayo 1905 that marks the day a group of Boholanos first landed in this city, and called it their home. Dipolog sits on the tip of western Mindanao and is called the Gateway to Western Mindanao and the Zamboanga Peninsula. It looks on the Negros Provinces, and Cebu beyond the body of water.

Dipolog Broken Dreams2


A few nights before, hours, or less, before midnight on the same night that we arrived at Dipolog City, we prematurely visited the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, as it is called, with two of our companions arriving late. Having nearly all food establishments closed up, we were told that this is where you can get meals at around that time. Despite the obvious tiredness, and the nagging thoughts of work for me to do, I joined the group to see a bit of town at that dead of night. It was pitch dark, and the only tell-tale signs of wakefulness was the strong smoke from grills that wafted in the air as we approached the lined up red stalls brightly lighted by light bulbs hanging by their cords. We had just enough light, and the clouds were playful enough to reflect the shying away of the last rays of the sun. I could just stay there till it was pitched dark again. In this long stretch of walkway, where lined up concrete chairs welcomes anyone, families were there, some joggers keeping themselves in shape, and a few just there looking on into the horizon.



The most popular hiking spot in Zamboanga del Norte is Linabo Peak in Dipolog City. It is Dipolog’s highest elevation standing at 486 meters above sea level. Linabo Peak is one of the premiere eco-tourism sites in Dipolog. It is famous for its 3003 steps marked with the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross. The annual Lenten“Katkat Sakrispisyo” (Sacrificial Climb) is the most-attended religious re-enactment of Jesus’s death in the city. Once on top, you get to see the breathtaking view of Dipolog, Dapitan and nearby towns.


Traveling to Dipolog City is easy as researching, and planning for you trip. You will also find cheap but comfortable inns, and pension houses, or a leisure stay in some of the best hotels in the city. Dipolog City is best experienced and explored if you take your time going around the city, find and eat delectable foodjoin and witness a festival, and bring the best pasalubong for you loved ones.