Smart Small Condo Design Ideas

Design a small space that are both functional and livable can be tough and there is no easy way around it. You will be browsing through magazines and on the internet for design ideas for small condo and you will still find yourself at lost. Look into the entirety of home, find areas you can improve on and areas you can add some nifty solutions to space problems when designing a small space. Here are some smart design ideas for small spaces like apartments and condominiums that you will find helpful: 

Keeping It Light

To make your space appear larger and bigger than it is, avoid using dark hues in the choice of wall colors. You can use a focal wall for a use of color but remember to keep the rest of the space light and open with crisp, white furniture and white built-in units. This will allow the eyes to float around the room and make it seem bigger than it is.

Adding a Mirror

One of the best (and easiest) design ideas for a small condo. It is adding a full-body mirror to visually expand the room. A mirror not only adds dimension to space but allows light to be reflected around the room and lighting it up, and makes the small bedroom appear much larger. You can use mirrors mounted on a wall to open up the room or add it in a corner of the room and make the space bigger.

Light Material Room Divider

A simple light material like a sheer curtain is a great way to easily divide two spaces. You can add a dramatic element to the room and visually separate the two areas without adding a bulkiness or taking to much space. The eyes will just float from one room to the other and light easily passes through the light fabric. 

Clear Storage Areas

Any space can be enhanced with additional storage solutions. Look for dead spaces in your house and use it by adding a shelving unit. Try adding shelves below the stairs or the angled order to take advantage of the awkward, extra space. You can turn it into an area to showcase your travel collection or use it to have stylish storage for your children’s toys. You can use small canvas bins are great for keeping toys stored away and out of sight.

Well-Worked Window Treatments

To make a small living room appear more spacious by adding a floor-to-ceiling window treatment. A living room with high extra-high ceiling but with a small floor plan can become bigger than it seems. This simple addition will help draw eyes up the wall for a much larger feel of the space.

Home Office or Study Nook

Don’t let any extra space go unused when dealing with a small room. Turn a nook between two small closets into a simple and efficient workstation or study area for your children. Adding shelves above the desk provides extra space to store books. With the desk built into the wall, it will take up little space in the room.

Bathroom Storage

Take a advantage of a narrow wall by adding shelves into it. This is an excellent way to store bathroom essentials. Invest in attractive canisters to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, and other bathroom essentials, and place unsightly toiletries under the vanity to add style and cleanliness in your bathroom. Small wicker baskets are good storage and can also be placed on the shelves to hide products you don’t want to put out in the open.

Multipurpose Space

A multipurpose space is unavoidable in a small home. You can use a guest room as an office and create a workstation that you can use when you don’t have a guest staying over. You can also make use of empty walls to add additional storage into to store kitchen or work-related items.

There are a lot of smart design ideas for a small condo, you just have to be creative and to keep in mind that you are creating and making space instead of taking it up and making the area smaller than it is. Design your home with an end mind of functionality and style and you will never go wrong doing it.