Things you need to know about CLOA Title

CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Awards is the distribution and giving ownership of agricultural land to farmers. The Philippine government has won a co-financing program from the World Bank for individual titling of lands to farmer beneficiaries. These are certificates of land ownership (CLOA) under land reform into individual titles for the agrarian reform beneficiary (ARB) after a loan agreement signed on 14 July 2020 worth $370 million.

We have been competently distributing lands to our farmers because that is the main mandate of the department: Address the social injustice of our land acquisition and distribution, considering that many of the lands here in our country are actually owned by a very few people… landed people,” DAR Secretary Brother John R. Castriciones said.

What is CLOA Title? 

CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Awards is a document evidencing ownership of the land granted or awarded to the beneficiary by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). The DAR has intensified CLOA distribution in the country to support the government’s thrust to emancipate farmers from the bondage of soil. CLOA contains the conditions and restrictions provided for in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL) and other applicable law.

Can CLOA land be sold?

While the land ownership is given to the individual, there are limitations to the selling or transferring of ownership to it. These CLOA lands cannot be alienated or sold to any other person. There is a 10-year restriction period that the beneficiaries cannot dispose of these lands. The land can not be sold or given its titled under CLOA. Selling them to any developer or any private citizen without the permission of DAR considered illegal.

When can CLOA Land be sold or transferred?

Under the law, a CLOA beneficiary is prohibited to sell, transfer or convey the right to use the land he or she acquired. Lands acquired by beneficiaries may only sold, transferred or conveyed to their children, the government, the Land Bank of the Philippines (LandBank), or other qualified beneficiaries after 10 years. Under the land reform law, farmer-beneficiaries can only sell the land after 10 years and only after the original owner has been compensated. The DAR has to issue a CLOA (Certificate of Land Ownership Award) or EP (Emancipation Patent) before a person can claim ownership of agricultural land.

Can a land title be cancelled in the Philippines?

As a rule, after the issuance of the certificate of title covering a parcel of land, the title can no longer be altered, modified or cancelled except in a direct proceeding in accordance with law (Sec. 48, Presidential Decree [P.D.] No. 1529).

Can CLOA land be mortgaged?

President Duterte has directed LandBank to accept CLOA as collateral. The LandBank of the Philippines has to accept certificates of land ownership award (CLOA) as collateral for mortgage so that farmers could borrow money.