Why Hire a Broker or an Agent?

It’s a common mindset of people why they don’t hire a broker or an agent is to save the cost of paying the commission. However, the “saved money” you think is usually off-set by numerous things including the time and resources consumed for marketing and researching, lack of marketing strategy, and the extensive time taken to achieve a lucratively complete transaction. At the end of the day, you will realize and become conscious on the indispensability and significance of hiring a broker or an agent every time you will have a real estate transaction.


Here are more reasons why it will be more beneficial and advantageous for you to hire a broker or an agent.

  1. Convenient and wide connection

Real estate brokers or agents have both the knowledge and experience on dealing with real estate transactions. Their major job is to act as a link between the sellers and buyers. Brokers have an easy access and wide connection to loan officers, lawyers and other individuals whom you might necessitate a service from. For example; you’re planning to purchase a condominium unit. Your hired broker will hunt down condominium units all over the Philippines just to meet your criteria and satisfaction; also he/she will be the one who will set appointments and other stuffs needed for the transaction.

  1. They take good care of the legal transaction

You hired broker will handle all the requisite paper works before closing the deal. For example, since it’s a legal process, this might be needed “Capital Gain Tax” or a transaction tax for transferring or selling real estate properties in the Philippines.

  1. Real estate transaction is a tricky business

Negotiating is a tricky business indeed. Both sellers and buyers are expected to go for what’s most excellent when it comes to the price. When you hire a broker, you can leave it all to him/her.

Hiring a real estate broker can be rewarding and fulfilling in many ways. Just be vigilant on looking for someone whom you could put your trust on.