Low-budget Swimming Pools You Can DIY at Home

Still feeling the summer heat? Well, putting in a small swimming pool at home might be a sure-fire idea to fend off the scorching temperatures. If you are looking for something simple and more budget-friendly, worry no more because we have found a solution for you! 

With the COVID-19 situation continuing to develop in the country, our only and best defence to avoid its spread is to stay at home and practice social distancing. Going a day trip to a beach, resort or swimming pool is definitely not a good idea to do this time. So, better yet create your own at home.

Here are 5 awesome DIY swimming pool ideas to turn your backyard into a dose of refreshment!

#1 Pallet Swimming Pool

There is no better way to cool off on a scorching summer day, especially in the Philippines than to relax in a nice cool pool. This wooden pallet swimming pool has seen viral on Facebook since 2015. Its perfectly looking structure has inspired millions of netizens to create similar structures in backyards across the world which is very ideal for summer weekend projects on a budget.

Check out the original post, from Torben Jung, below:

You can start building one by positioning wooden pallets upward and arrange to make your circle on a sheet of tarpaulin. Next, hold together with two ratchets and then nail it. Finish it by adding some comfy lining in the form of old towels, sheets, decors and finally the water. 

Definitely amazing enough to spend quality time with the family, plus enjoy some summer snacks! 

#2 Concrete Backyard Swimming Pool


If you’re up into a more fixed and secure construction pool, better yet create concrete ones. 

Michael and Rose Ann shared their own version of a DIY swimming pool that is made out of hollow blocks, cement, and steel. It has a depth of around 3 ft. and drainer at the side. Accordingly, they used leftover tiles from their previous projects for the sides. They are also using a water pump to fill the pool and they drain it every 2-3 days. 

How the pool looks from above. PHOTO BY ROSE ANN BAUTISTA

This might take a bit of work so you might need the whole family for help. Take it as a way to spend quality time with the family and relatives. By just about anyone and it saves you thousands over buying a new inground pool.

#3 Unused Shipping Container Pool

Photo from besideroom

Got an empty shipping container at home? Why not transform it into this amazing backyard swimming pool! 

You can do this by digging a huge hole in the backyard to fit the dumpster in, then adding some primer and paints. This is followed by softening the structure’s rough edges to make it suitable for the whole family to use. The only disadvantage of using a shipping container is it rusts. But it can be painted anyway, so push! 

#4 Natural Swimming Pool

Photo by Robins Nest Aquatics

If you are blessed to have a natural water landscape near you, take advantage of that and turn it into a classy backyard swimming pool. Whether it be near the river, a waterfall or seashore. You can build your own all-natural swimming pond and share the fun with nature. 

Your only investment here would be gravel stone and clay instead of concrete, and natural aquatic plants in place of harsh chemicals. This is definitely a beautiful transformation for your backyard area.

#5 Repurposed Water Tank Swimming Pool

Another cool idea is to repurpose an empty large container or a stock tank into an above-ground swimming pool. It’s quite a valuable investment for a swimming pool when you take into consideration all the benefits and enjoyment it can give you in the future. Nothing can add the much-needed flair of freshness to your family bonding time and comfort those scorching heats of summer! 

Hope these simple, easy to construct DIY Home Swimming Pool Ideas turn your backyard into a real deal! Building these requires creativity, construction skills, and of course, assistance and support from your loved ones.