Must-Experience Festivals in Dipolog City

Dipolog City's Festivals

Philippines festivals are rooted in Christianity, dating back to the Spanish colonial period when the many communities (such as barrios and towns) of the predominantly Catholic Philippines almost always had a patron saint assigned to each of them. Dipolog City at Zamboanga del Norte is no exception giving the best Philippine festival experience. Any of these festivals  can give one the best festive experience with all the streetdancing, singing, and showcase of local goods, and ingenuity.

FEAST IN HONOR OF ST. VINCENT FERRER  (On the 3rd Saturday of May)

In celebration of the Dipolog City fiesta, Feast of St. Vincente Ferrer, locals hold a religious procession around the city’s major thoroughfares that ends at the church patio. Devotees dance before the image of St. Vincent Ferrer, our patron saint, to the accompaniment of drum beats with the same fervor as the loudness of the festive music.

DIPOLOG P’GSALABUK FESTIVAL (Starts on the 3rd week of April)

The P’gsalabuk festival starts on the 2nd week of May with lively ethnic street dancing, sports, concerts, pageant, cultural shows, etc. It is one of the major event and festival to watch out for in Dipolog City. Major events takes place at the same time which includes the annual triathlon, where local and foreign participants race to the finish line in a series of swimming, marathon running and cycling. The entire celebration culminates on July 1st, Adlaw sa Dipolog (Dipolog Day).

ADLAW SA DIPOLOG (Starts on the last week of June)

Dipolog City’s founding anniversary, Adlaw sa Dipolog culminates the P’gsalabuk festival. It is a time of continuous festivals in Dipolog with inter- government agency sports activities, awarding and giving recognition to exemplary Dipolognons.

DAHUNOG SA DIPOLOG (Starts on the last week of Sept.)

Another festival of Dipolog, Dahunog sa Dipolog is an assemblage of interschool competitions. During this festival, a parade band competition and the Miss Teen Tourism Dipolog pageant are the highlighted events.

Make sure get to Dipolog City and explore the travel destinations during one of the festivals. You will surely experience Dipolog City like a traveler would and witness how locals come together in celebration. Don’t forget to be in your most energy-filled vibe ofcourse!