Why invest in Real Estate now, and not later?

Over the years, the Philippine real estate market has never been more vibrant as it continuously soars high-driven by the country’s bullish economy and strong investment inflows which triggers positive ripple effect across all property sectors. Hence, it would come as no surprise that real estate investment is still one of the best opportunities available, and now is the best time to get involved.

So if you’re thinking of a good investment for your future? Here are the top reasons why you should invest in real estate now rather than later.

1. When there is stability, there is opportunity

Despite negative media attention, mostly related to the drug war, Philippines’ remains bullish on its long-term economic growth driven by broad-based domestic expansion allowing it still the Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy. Aside from that, the unusual diplomatic relations of Philippines to its newly found friends China and Russia had undoubtedly revealed the country’s intention by conflict avoidance and encourage warmer relations. This would constitute more opportunities for the Philippines and a commitment to peaceful neighbor relations.

2. Strong Economic Indicators

With the current administration’s ambitious “Build, Build, Build” program, which is expected to accelerate for the following years. Thus now is the great time to invest in real estate while taking advantage of this Golden Age of Infrastructure. This means that most projects are still within your budget and you have plenty to choose from. The good thing about this is that if you invest now, its value is bound to grow thus making your investment worth.

3. Low-Interest Rates

The low bank interest rates will continue to encourage affluent people. It opens opportunities to take out their savings and wisely use credit to real estate investments with stable rental incomes as well as good prospects for value appreciation.

4. Urban Renewal

minglanilla highlands

Since there is a limit in developing land in major areas like Metro Manila, urban renewal and developments have gradually moved out to other provincial places. The country’s increasing population growth combined with a resilient economy means that there is a continued need for the major urban centers in Manila as well as big regional cities to undergo renewal and redevelopments to better cope with the subsequently increasing real estate demands. Hence, these urban renewal initiatives will open up more real estate investment opportunities for both local and foreign buyers that you might want to.

5. Tourism-driven demands

With the growing number of tourists, boosting the interest of many expatriates whether they choose to live, to work, do business or just enjoy the warm atmosphere of the Philippines, highly benefits the real estate market with higher demand of accommodations.As many expats still choose to live in a larger home for convenience and location, makes renting increasingly popular.

6. Innovative and Well-financed developers

Today, most real estate developers in the country are financially richer and innovatively competitive. Most developers innovate trendy concepts that could help investors generate their investment which hassle-free maintenance. This will start an era of innovative real estate projects that are foreseeable to attract discerning clients looking for perfect investments to grow their wealth.

The longer you wait, the less financial gain you have. With the robust economic and political sway, low-interest rates, urban renewals and well-financed developers, it is no doubt that it indicates an era that has never been this productive. What are you waiting for? Contact the Filipino Homes Agent nearest you.