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7 Makeover Ideas for Small Dining Rooms

Filipinos love to eat; food will always be something that brings us together. Make every meal a more beautiful experience by sprucing up your dining area. Even if you don’t have a big budget or a big space, you can create a beautiful dining room. You can make it appealing and inviting. Here are some tips […]

The Value of Concrete Countertops: Customization Increases Aesthetic Appeal and Real Estate Investment for Homeowners

Concrete countertops are now becoming popular again. As minimalist and industrial designs are being chosen by minimalist Millennials. In fact, concrete countertops have become somewhat of a status symbol for kitchens, rivaling granite, and other high-end countertop surface options. Consumer Reports Magazine ranked concrete highest for its customization and exclusivity among high-end kitchen countertops. As […]

The Top 3 Costs of Owning a Home

Everyone dreams of having a house they can call their own. Having their own space to decorate it the way they wish and having a home that they will always have the final say on everything. Buying a house is a goal for every Filipino family and who wouldn’t want to have a property under […]

7 Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Having spent much more time preparing your meals at home during the quarantine season, you might have considered updating your kitchen. You don’t really need a deep pocket to give your space a fresher look. In this blog post, we have compiled 7 ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank: […]

10 Budget-Friendly Living Room Makeover Ideas

The simplest room makeovers are often the best ways to give your space a fresh look. Little changes like new paint, updating your throw pillows, or repurposing worn-out furniture are some budget-friendly ways to rework your living room. Here are some of our favorite ideas for quick and easy living room makeovers: 1. Rearrange the furniture An […]

Low-budget Swimming Pools You Can DIY at Home

Still feeling the summer heat? Well, putting in a small swimming pool at home might be a sure-fire idea to fend off the scorching temperatures. If you are looking for something simple and more budget-friendly, worry no more because we have found a solution for you!  With the COVID-19 situation continuing to develop in the […]

Back-to-School: Tips for Setting up a Home Learning Space during COVID-19

A home learning space has been a talk of the town among parents, students and teachers during the ‘new-normal’ virtual Brigada Eskwela last month. It is upon the directives of the Department of Education (DepEd Order No. 12, s. 2020) to find ways for learning to continue amidst the threat and uncertainties brought by COVID-19 […]

5 Places to Add Backlighting in Your Home

Backlighting is one of the popular home interior designs nowadays. People were kind of fascinated with the backlight accent that adds an element of mystique and drama of a room or a decor. However, not every area of your home needs backlighting as every other. Although its function is purely aesthetic, backlighting offers an amazing mood-boosting […]